Shopping is Fun!

Dead Sea products, ceramics, Hebron glass, and much more…

Be sure to visit the Center’s shopping district to find the perfect remembrance or keepsake of your trip to Jericho.

There you will find a product center that carries a large selection of Dead Sea health and beauty articles made from the Dead Sea’s life-enhancing minerals, water and mud. Objects for sale include therapeutic bath salts, facial cleansers and moisturizers, spa items, mineral beauty serum, hair products and cosmetics.

A ceramic shop showcases Hebron’s world renowned ceramics and hand-blown glass. The colorful hand-painted plates, vases, tiles and framed mirrors show off intricate floral detail and arabesque patterns. The hand-blown glass products—a feature of Hebron since the Middle Ages—are created in royal blue (quite possibly the most recognizable color), amber, burgundy and green.

Gift and souvenir shops also line the streets. Inside their doors are a variety of items from the Holy Land. Shelves are lined with holy water, oil and stones, jewelry and jewelry boxes, figurines, rosary beads, candles and candlesticks, wood art, books, arts and crafts and much more.

We encourage all our visitors to stop by the Center’s fine shops. Whatever your pleasure, we guarantee you will find it here at The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho.

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