Outdoor Picnics!

Parties and picnics services

In addition to its full restaurant, The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho also provides catering services for parties, tours, outdoor picnics and other events. The Center’s spacious restaurant boasts a maximum seating capacity of 1,500, which enables it to accommodate any size group—large or small. All catered events feature quality food that is homemade daily with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats purchased from local farmers and shop keepers. 

Advance reservations are required so adequate preparations for your event can be made. For more information or for help preparing for your special occasion, contact us by telephone at02-232-2614; fax at 02-232-2659; or via e-mail at info@temptationcenter.com.

We, at The Temptation Center of Jericho, are here to serve you and to make your special event a memorable one.

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