Abu Raed Abdelrazek

Maha Abdelrazek

Welcome to the Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho.

Surrounded by history, the Center sits at the doorstep of the biblical city of Jericho. It was here that the seven priests blew their trumpets and “the walls came tumbling down.” The Elijah Spring, where the prophet Elijah miraculously sweetened the bad water, runs across from the Temptation Center. Also within close proximity are the historical sycamore tree Zechariah climbed to catch a glimpse of Jesus; King Herod’s winter palace; and the Mount of Temptation, where Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho originated in 1979 as a small café called the Mount of Temptation Restaurant. Founded by Abu Raed and his wife, Maha, the café was a place where Jericho tourists could receive a warm welcome and be served quality homemade food.

Soon after its opening, the small café began growing in size and popularity. To accommodate its rapid growth, Abu Raed expanded his restaurant, added shops and renamed it The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho in the early 1990s. The little café that started out catering to 50 guests now serves 1,000 patrons each day.

Today, The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho is home to the original Mount of Temptation Restaurant, unique gift shops featuring items from the Holy Land and a large selection of products related to the Dead Sea. Visitors also will find the warm hospitality indicative of the people of Jericho.

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Temptation Tourist Center of Jericho.


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